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How do I buy a doll?

I often get asked this question because people have come to my website and have seen that all of my dolls are sold out. Don't worry, there will be more dolls available soon! 

I sell my dolls in a number of ways...

Ready made dolls

These dolls are truly one of a kind - they won't be wearing the same outfit as any of my other dolls. I usually make groups of these dolls at once as collections, but sometimes when things are busy I may list them some of these dolls individually. 

Made to order dolls

I sometimes design special dolls that I allow you to pre-order (you place an order and I make the doll). These are usually themed dolls for holidays such as Halloween, Easter or Christmas or they may be a famous character such as the heroine from a beloved children's book. Sometimes a doll design is just too cute to only make one, so I make a limited number available to preorder

Custom dolls

I take a limited number of custom orders each month where you can work with me to design your dream doll. This allows you to make your doll truly unique. You can choose everything from the colours I use for their skin, eyes and hair to what clothes they are wearing and the fabrics I use to make your doll really special. 


I share photos of my ready made and made to order dolls as I'm designing them on my instagram and facebook pages. I'll let you know ahead of time when they are going to be listed for sale (a shop update) and share individual preview photos of each doll. I also send an email to my mailing list ahead of each shop update. To find out more about placing a custom order please contact me to discuss. 


Top tips for shop updates

If you've fallen head over heels in love with one of my dolls here are some tips to help you take her home...

Keep informed  Receive previews straight to your inbox by signing up to my mailing list. You can also turn on page / story / post notifications for my instagram and facebook pages to guarantee you see all my posts as they are listed

Set your alarm  My website automatically lists my dolls at the time of my shop update so if you are there ready (you'll need to refresh your browser on the exact time of the update) you've got more chances of buying her. 

Create an account   If you haven't shopped with me before you can create an account on my website and store your address. This will speed things up when you check-out 

Use express checkout  Sign into your PayPal account of Google Pay ahead of the sale and use express checkout to speed things up! 

Buy extras separately  If you are planning on buying clothes or accessories for your doll put them in your cart ahead of the sale or wait until after you have purchased your doll. While you are adding them to your cart someone else could buy the doll. I will send both orders together and refund the shipping on your order for clothes and accessories.