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Northern Lights

I’m excited to let you know that my new Northern Lights collection of dolls will be launching today at 10pm UK time. I only make this collection once a year, but I spend all year dreaming of it and collecting beautiful materials to make it extra special. 

The collection is inspired by the magical stories of my childhood. The bears of Svalbard and the doors to other worlds amongst the northern lights in His Dark Materials. Sailor Moon and the empress from the Never Ending Story and of course the Snow Queen and the magical land of Narnia.

In my imagination the celestial princesses and arctic animals live together under the magic of the northern lights, in a place where anything is possible ✨ They have stars in their eyes and moonbeams in their hair and are guardians of the secrets of the cosmos. 

There will be 19 dolls available as well as a range of Northern Lights clothes and accessories to play dress up with your existing dolls. All of the dolls are ready made and unique, one of a kind heirloom dolls to be treasured and bring magic into your lives. The clothes and accessories will be available for a limited time and will be made when you place an order, taking about a week to make. I don't have huge amounts of all of the materials, so I wouldn't recommend waiting too long to place an order for these.  


Let me introduce you to the dolls. I’ll start with the original size dolls, which are around 13-14” tall. 

Meet Eirwen, her name means Snow White in Welsh. She loves looking for shooting stars, dancing with moonbeams and collecting stardust. 

This is Glain, her name means jewel in Welsh. She has a side parting, which is a new hairstyle for my dolls. She loves moonlit walks, riding on moonbeams and playing in the snow. 

Meet Arthes, she-bear in Welsh. She loves painting snowflakes, making ice sculptures and looking for comets. Her ears are removable. 

This is Yr Haeddel Fawr, Ursa Major in Welsh - the great bear coHe is one of my first Northern Lights boy dolls and has ursa minor - the little bear - hand embroidered on his trousers. He loves stargazing, racing on moonbeams and exploring the milky way. 

Meet Bleddyn. Her name means 'like a wolf' in Welsh. She loves chasing comets, making snow wolves and exploring the universe. Her ears are removable. 

This is Olwenna. Her name means white footprint in Welsh. She loves collecting moonstones, drawing snowflakes and playing with the polar bears. 


Meet Aures. Her name means gold in Welsh. She loves writing poems about the moon, finding new parallel universes and playing with the arctic wolves.

This is Meinwen. Her name means white and pure in Welsh. She loves sledging, painting galaxies and exploring the milky way. 

Meet Banon. Her name means queen in Welsh. She loves making paper snowflakes, dancing in the moonlight and wishing on shooting stars. 


Next lets meet the mini sized dolls. They measure around 9-10 inches tall...

This is Eirlys. Her name means snowdrop in Welsh. She loves  riding on polar bears, sewing stars on everything and playing with the arctic animals in the woods. 

Meet Yr Haeddel Fach. Her name means Ursa Minor in Welsh - the little bear constellation. She loves moonlit walks, collecting rocks from the cosmos and snowball fights. 

This is Eira. Her name means snow in Welsh. She loves playing with the arctic animals in the forest, drawing starlit scenes and making snow angels. Her ears are removable. 

This is Dai. His name means to shine in Welsh. He loves snowball fights, hide and seek and sledging. 

Meet Elen. Her name means light in Welsh. She loves reading by candlelight, painting night scenes and singing with the owls in the woods. 

Here's Aneira. Her name means truly golden in Welsh. She loves her telescope, collecting stardust and drawing constellations. 

Meet Seirian. Her name means sparkling in Welsh. She loves collecting space crystals, painting the moon and starlit walks. 

This is Jenna. Her name means white wave in Welsh. She loves collecting crystals, reading tarot cards and walks in the moonlight. 

Finally there are two super cute tiny size dolls, measuring 6". 

Meet Crisiant. Her name means like a crystal in Welsh. She loves building snow bears, playing tig and dancing. Her ears are removable. 

This is Gwenda. Her name means shining white in Welsh. She loves chasing shooting stars, riding on moonbeams and playing in the snow. 

If you are planning on buying a doll I would recommend setting an alarm and being on my website at 10pm. Some dolls sell straight away, especially when they are one of a kind dolls like these. If you are planning on buying other items from my shop put these in your basket ahead of time so you can checkout straight away. The biggest reason why people miss out on their dream dolls is that someone else buys it while they have it in their cart and they are looking for extra clothes and accessories. 

Here are the clothes and accessories that will be available to order from my Northern Lights collection...

This sweet dress will be available for all sizes of dolls. 

I'll be offering this dress for original size dolls. 

And this dress will be available for original and mini size dolls. 

Fur collars will be available for all size dolls

Celestial crowns will be available for original and mini sized dolls and there will be the option to order a gold crown for tiny size dolls

There will be two pixie bonnets available for all sized dolls. Both made from cashmere wool with a star lining. One has stars hand embroidered around the brim, whilst the other features hand embroidered constellations. 

A selection of special shoes will be available for original and mini size dolls to finish off your outfits. 

There will be a few favourites from last year available for your original and mini dolls again...

I have also designed some extra special headbands for the original size dolls. These are not intended for children to play with and are for display dolls and photography shoots.

Finally I have also created a little felt moon friend for the dolls...

I hope you love my collection as much as I have enjoyed dreaming of it and creating it for you. I am around all day if you have any questions. You can send me a message on Instagram or Facebook, or by email at 

Sending lots of love and magic 

Emma xxx 

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