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Forest animals and mushroom pixies

It's that beautiful time of year where summer is giving us one last hug, but the signs of autumn are upon us. I adore this time of year...foraging for berries, spotting mushrooms and snuggling up in cardigans. I always feel so inspired creatively. Now that Seren is back at school it has been lovely having the time to make a big collection of dolls and clothes for my shop again so I've been busy making forest animals and mushroom pixies ready to go on autumn adventures! 

Let's meet the dolls...

Aneira is a 10" doll whose name means snow in Welsh. She loves cwtching (cuddling) up by the fire, folk music and painting. 

Awela is a 10" doll whose name means breeze in Welsh. She loves playing by the stream, collecting acorns and playing the flute. 

Betrys is a 10" doll whose name means voyager in Welsh. She loves road trips, waterfalls and bike rides. 

Carwen is a 10" doll whose name means love in Welsh. She loves writing stories, dancing in fairy rings and playing the guitar. 

Eirlys is a 10" doll whose name means snowdrop in Welsh. She loves making dreamcatchers, collecting herbs and singing songs around the fire. 

Elwyn is a 10" doll whose name means kind in Welsh. She loves drawing, making nature mandalas and playing hide and seek. 

Gwennan is a 10" doll whose name means blessed in Welsh. She loves reading fairytales, playing amongst the mushrooms and singing. 

Lynwen is a 10" doll whose name means pure in Welsh. She loves picnics, road trips and loud music. 

Arddun is a 14" doll whose name means beautiful in Welsh. She loves autumn rainbows, collecting pinecones and playing catch with the squirrels in the forest. 

Manon is a 14" doll whose name means most beautiful in Welsh. She loves climbing trees, going for long walks and watching sunsets. 

Medeni is a 14" doll whose name means born in September. She loves reading folk tales, making daisy chains and sunrises. 

Medi is a 14" doll whose name means September in Welsh. She loves trips to the beach, watching thunderstorms and apple pie. 

Seirion is a 14" doll whose name means bright in Welsh. She loves chasing rainbows, reading and making instruments out of wood she finds in the forest. 

Teleri is a 14" doll who is named after a river in Wales. She loves playing hopscotch, climbing mountains and building treehouses. 

All of these dolls are one-of-a-kind. All of their clothing and their animal ear headbands are removable so you can dress them up in different outfits if you want to. 

I will also be opening up a small number of spaces to pre-order one of my new tiny mushroom pixies. They will take 1-2 weeks to make and look like this little cutie...

She's the perfect pocket-size adventurer to take with you on your autumn walks

 I am adding lots of new clothes to my shop too...

My wonderful mum who makes all my knitted clothes has been busy making sure your dolls have plenty to get cozy in this autumn. There are pixie hats, cardigans, popcorn sweaters and scarves in over 30 beautiful colours. 

There will be a small number of these long sleeved dresses in these new limited edition Liberty of London prints. The colours are absolutely beautiful! 

There will also be dresses made with these gorgeous vintage florals - again in limited numbers

There will be three new Liberty of London skirts which look great teamed with a popcorn sweater

I'll be adding some cute mix and match blouses, pinafores and dungarees so you can design your own dream outfits. 

Here are some of my favourite combos!

Finally, by popular demand I will be adding rainbow butterfly wings and my strawberry sweetheart outfit to my shop for you to buy for your dolls

I really hope you enjoy my new collection as my as I enjoyed making it! 

Sending much love

Emma xxx

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